BZJ 撒粉包衣机


应用概述 General applications

★粉末物料包衣造粒。★Powder material’s coating and granulating.
★Pellet coating (film, enteric release, protective layer).
★Slow releasing coating, granulating.

设备特点 Features of equipment

★Coating and granulating of powder.
★Taste masking and coloring of powder, granule and pellet.
★Coating of powder and get high round.
★Powder coating, not easy to agglomerate or adhere.
★Powder coating and have high repeatability of process.
★Auto control of liquid amount to be supplied and the temperature in the bed is constant and no splash.
★Auto spraying of coating powder and the measure is accurate.
★The coating of powder, as the compact action of centrifugal force, it can treat low density material.
★The granulating(pellet),coating and drying can be inished in one body.
★The design and manufacture are conformity with GMP requirents. It is quick and full to clean with no cross pollution.

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