SJT 双螺杆挤条机


应用概述 General applications

★The equipment is widely used for ball shape granulating in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry and so on. Especially in pharmaceutical industry is the efficient tool for control and slow release micro pellets. And it can be used for developing new products.

设备特点 Features of equipment

★Feeding hopper, screw feeder, presser, and orifice plate of the extruder head is convenient to separate and easy to clean. Screw structure, material be affected by the impetus of the rotating screw, and be extruded. Extrusion is uniformity, molding efficient is high and surface is compact. ★Working continually, product efficient is high. It can supply material for several pelletizer at the same time.
★Provide sieves with different bore diameter, it is convenient to control so that can obtain column granules with different diameter.Use inverter to adjust the speed, can adjust the speed in a certain range so that can adapt to different speed requirements for different material. Adjusting the speed in time so that can get the best extrusion efficiency and make the selection range wider.